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MyMadkow is the beginning of 'planning and talking & planning and talking' (you get the picture) about making, teaching and selling arts & crafts, specifically scrapbooking and altered art. It is my hope that you will join me in this journey to find and feed our inner creative souls, one page and one altered piece at a time.

You ask, 'why 'MyMadkow?' Well it has nothing to do with the disease, and no bovines were hurt in the making of this blog. I was looking for a name that was out there, not your average typical '', and it occurred to me that if I took the initials of my 3 grown children and my grand-son and anagrammed them...I would get...Madkow! I liked it, but that just wasn't enough, and since it is 'my' blog...'MyMadkow' was born.

It is my sincere belief that creative people live on the insane side of town, me included. This is not a 'put down', we're just different...let's face it, who needs 100 different ink pads, or 20 sheets of every Webster's calendar pages, how about every brad, sticker, and alpha from K&Co. And then there’s all of the Prima flowers & bling!! Don't even get me started on all the mists, chipboards, and acrylics out there! Yeah, we're a bit crazy! And MyMadkow is my (and your) journey to recovering sanity!

In time, you'll get to know my children and grand-son through my art pieces. Especially, Mason, my grand-son, you'll get to see lots of him........let's face it Grand-mas take lots of grand-baby pictures!!! And you know we have to scrap them all!! You'll also meet my daughter, and my two sons. You probably won't see very many pictures of me (I look horrendous in 99% of pictures taken)...but Kevin and I will work on that...he's the photographer in the family. You'll get to see lots of his work too!

Having said all of that, you’re probably wondering who I am. My name is Lynne Woolgar, I live in Vero Beach, Florida, where I die every summer. Way too hot! Ugh! I am about to hit the big 50! Double Ugh! I am a single mother, to 3 great children, Ashley, Kevin and Daniel, although they are no longer ‘kids’! I have a wonderful grand-son; Mason….he’s a trip!! I am blessed with Carol, my daughter-in-law, and Mike, my son-in-law. My parents, Pete and Moe live nearby in Fort Pierce. (Pete is my mom, that’s short for Pierrette, and Moe is my dad, that’s short for Maurice, very French!). French Canadian, that is. I was born in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, and moved to Florida in 1970. That was hard! I loved being around my extended family and friends, and I miss them very much!

About six years ago, I started working for a large retailer, where I am now an Assistant Manager; they’re out to kill me too! I didn’t have any grey hairs until I started working for them! Just kidding (incase they’re looking)!!!!!!! I spend all of my free time scrapping and crafting, and shopping with Ashley, Mason, and Carol. They’re draining my pocketbook! LOL! Not so true, I can spend money pretty good on my own!!!

I use too many “!!!!” and clichés! I get easily riled, especially with computer crap. BTW, I have an honors degree as a Computer Programmer/ Analyst; bet you would never have guessed that! It’s a long story, and suffice it to say that I have never worked in the field, nor have I practiced what I learned, plus that was over 15 years ago! So, every time that I have computer issues, Daniel says, ‘you should know that!” He gets very impatient with me when it comes to computers. Never mind, that he taught himself everything he knows about this stuff, and can do practically anything he wants with computers! This is my first and only blog …..We’ll see how that goes.

I love my free time! Although sometimes it feels like I don’t get any for myself. I do get passionate about my scrapping and crafting, as well as my blog! I have just started telling people (family included) that I need ‘me’ time for this! Yeah, I can be a pushover, but I still love them all! Considering, that I have been working towards this (or some version of it) for almost 15 years, I’m doing okay. Not moving as fast as I want, but closer day by day! So……this blog is about me and you, because I want to share this part of my life with you, and hopefully inspire and encourage you to do the same, whatever that may be.

I sincerely hope and pray that I can achieve all of this, with one little blog! I know one of my favorite blogs, ‘Blonde Moments’, opened my eyes, and I want to leave you with a quote that I saw on there.

“I’m selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I’m out of control
and at times hard to handle, but if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you
sure as hell don't deserve me at my best." Marilyn Monroe

This one little quote, pretty much sums up my life!

Luv and hugs,